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Google Map of the Pennine Waters

Places of Interest

Preston Brook Tunnel
Science & Industry Museum
Manchester United Football Club
Bosley Locks
Scout Tunnel
Standedge Visitor Centre
Standedge Tunnel
Towneley Hall
Skipton Castle
Bingley Five Rise Locks
Armley Mills Museum

Using the Google Map

Explore boat bases, places of interest and canal features using our interactive Google Map. Zoom into the map using your mouse or the map controls, view the roads or as a satellite map, or combine together for a hybrid view. Please note that due to the complex route the redraw speed can be slowed.

Click on the boat bases for a description of the boating routes from that base. You can get driving instructions to that base from your home. There are also links to websites about the places of interest.


Google Map of the Pennine Waters

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