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Boating Holidays in Europe

  • 1Enjoy a family boating holiday in Europe
  • 2Explore Brittany on a boat holiday
  • 3Hire a spacious penichette boat
  • 4Cruise the sunny Canal du Midi
  • 5See our superb boat hire offers
  • 6Enjoy the local scenery
  • 7Visit places of interest
  • 8 Good food and wine!
  • 9 See the beautiful Camargue
  • 10 Hire bikes and explore
  • 11 Discover Venice on a boating holiday
  • 12 Enjoy spring in France
  • 13 Relax in the sun
  • 14 Talk to our friendly knowledgeable staff

If you would like to venture further afield on your next boating holiday, why not hire a boat in Europe? In mainland Europe we offer over 1200 cruiser boats and Penichette boats.

France is a very popular boating holiday destination with many different cruising areas. Explore the sunny Canal du Midi in the south of France, discover Burgundy wine country in central France, or see flamingos and white horses in the Camargue. Just across the English Channel is the pretty region of Brittany.

You can also cruise the canals of Holland or explore the lagoons and islands of Venice in Italy on a boat, the unspoilt lakes of Germany and Poland, the waterways of Belgium and Bruges, or discover the famous hospitality of Ireland on a boating holiday.

With the widest choice of boats in Europe, online availability and experienced, helpful staff, we can offer you the ideal Europe Boating Holiday.

Visit our dedicated Europe Boating Holiday website here.

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